C2C Fashion and Technology

C2C Circular Economy

Monday, November 14, 2022


C2C Fashion and Technology gives manufacturer and consumer the ability to interact from time of conception to the end of a life cycle of a product with complete transparency and sustainability.
Made 2 measure fast fashion will give fast fashion a new concept in design, manufacturing and distribution.
New fashion concept will be about functionality, customization and longevity.
Fashion will become more of physical need then mental anxiety and will give the consumer the ability to be individualized in a quality of life.
Artificial intelligent analytics that answer the questions before the consumer ask.
Innovation will be the new marketing trend with advancements in new technology material science of fiber and sensor technology .
Data mining will make the behavior patterns of the consumer obvious.
AI bot will become the consumer personal assistant using the data mining for behavior, lifestyle and social media to fulfill the consumers imaginations and demands.
Market Intelligence
Trend Prediction
Robotics in Clothing Production
Product Customization
Customer Service
Quality Control
Design & Buying
Chain inventory management
AI Personal Assistant 3D Chatbot
Avatar fit for personal shopping
Transparency of the Supply Chain
Intellectual Property
Product Authentication
Inventory Visibility
Factoring and Finance
Contracts and Data Sharing
Decentralized and Peer-to-Peer Integration
C2C is based on the convergence between physical and digital environments to address the shift of the consumer from a passive buyer to an enabled interactive participant.
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