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EMANA®, a brand registered by RHODIA - GRUPPO SOLVAY -, is an intelligent yarn that takes care of the beauty of the skin. Its innovative technology with bioactive minerals improves the appearance of the skin, increases its elasticity and reduces imperfections, making it more beautiful.

Its properties remain unaltered even after an unlimited number of washes thanks to the technology incorporated into the DNA of the yarn.

The research lasted 4 years has generated this innovative yarn, unique in creating a real interaction between the garment and the body.


The P'ANTICELL® Line, with its anti-cellulite, slimming, containing and shaping products, is made with the exclusive EMANA® yarn. Each item is certified and quality guaranteed.

Rhodia is side by side with P'ANTICELL® to continuously study new solutions for the wellbeing of our customers.

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Tight 80 D Push-up

Anti-cellulite slimming Tight 80 D Push-up with bio ceramic fiber. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and orange peel. Created with the innovative Emana® yarn, high-tech. It is suitable for women who want to reshape the buttocks and thighs with a gentle push up effect. The 3D manufacture makes it particularly comfortable with a very good fit. This process is to incorporate the elastane on all ranks (all stitches are with the same yarn). The result is a pantyhose with a great vertical and horizontal elasticity. Soft, comfortable and highly breathable, to always be in fashion.
$54.00 excluding shipping