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Retail Customer Problem

As the retail industry re-invents itself in this digital era retailers struggle to acquire and retain customer relationships. Intense competition from new ecommerce models are putting pressure on both traditional brick-and-mortar and online retail companies. Brick-and-mortar companies must respond to the attraction of progressive online retailer solutions while responding to pressure to drive down operational costs. Online retailers are embroiled in a head-to-head innovation fight to provide compelling new features to their online shoppers. One of the biggest challenges is how to get the shopper to the best product fit in a quick and painless manner. In the garment retail business this problem is about simplifying the process which leads the shopper to a buy decision in a quick and efficient manner.

The Solution

C2C Virtual Shop offers a unique, fresh and innovative solution to this problem by providing an interactive virtual dressing room experience that allows the shopper to visualize product fit in a real time. In the C2C Virtual Shop a personalized avatar life-like model is created and the ability to virtually “try on” an article of clothing is a simple, fun experience. The virtual dressing room is made available on shoppers favorite mobile device that enables convenient in-store and online virtual try on capabilities. The virtual dressing room platform provides engaging integrations with other retail and social platforms thus providing many new interesting features.